Tonight I plan to pull a whitey. I don't mean doing multiple punk blow-backs until I spin out, and hit the deck in a sweating, pallid pile. Not that, no. I mean put white tie on him off the telly. Am fully aware that white tie dress code is for strictly state bashes, with royals or ambassadors present, but when is that scene ever really likely to be dropping in my world? Or yours for that matter. Misappropriate this code, bend that rule, am down for whichever but it's going down. Hang the Daily Mail detractors. Those out of date jokers had a go about 'brown in town'. Well tonight folks it's 'white tie -  N.F.I'*.

Above we see proper white tie modelled very nicely, thank you Errol. Well I'm not doing wing collars.That would be too, too, incongru'. Turndown collar marcella shirt, with marcella tie and square.  All by Spencer Hart (click for new hep site). Midnight blue tux with black peak marcella lapels, also by Hart. Hopefully it'll look properly impactful on the box and not too incongruous amongst the 10 thousand assembled prols. Actually hope it looks properly incongruous. Now gotta go into special bow tie tying trance again. Actually do need to go into a trance, it's quite a pain. Witch Doctor! Bring the serums and the burning viles. Summon various sartorial demons and that. While I'm speaking in >>s, have shufty at some other invitational dress interpreters to be admired. I think you might recognise one or two.

Mystery girl, John, Yoko and Dave at the 17th Annual Grammy Awards party, 1975.

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkle join in, also flaunting the dress code like proper bad boys.

And then Dave crops up later in black tie. Weird eh? Wonder if Yoko got brown ale down the white one? That used to happen apparently. Anyway, am arriving at the arena. Better log off.


*Not Fucking Invited (..to the Ambassador's do)

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