Can testify that You Me Bum Bum Train is an utterly incredible and memorable experience, (click) if you haven't already visited site. Went quite madly far into it and loved almost every moment. Was high as a kite until about 5pm today. Maybe this is a come down, or maybe the penny is dropping on something darker/shallower. You effectively become director of your own fate/role in some brilliantly devised and executed scenarios. Can't possibly reveal any content mind. You can take things where you wish. How extremely liberating.

Or not perhaps. Nerves run quite hard before hand, worried that one would not deliver. As soon as things up and running, it's easy to throw self into/let self go. Great. Right? Some confidence exhibited that was quite pleased with. Certain moves under pressure also quite good too, maybe. One scene I got completely immersed in and went quite, quite berserk. Thought terrifically good at time, and for some time after. Not so sure now. Maybe just thuggish in fact. Nasty perhaps?

Did give some testimony to the organiser after about how Y.M.B.B.T allows you to meet/face self in situations alone one might only encounter a handful of times in a life time. They offer up a handful of those in forty minutes, potentially.

Looking back, as I Christmas shopped in a wet metropolis alone today, I started to see I could have been so much more creative. Challenging even. Maybe I was confident and ran with it all quite nicely, but am starting to realise was a very straight passenger indeed. Quite rattled by this. In fact, quite disgusted. Pride self on not being straight runner, but think was rather straight passenger on the train. Confident, but straight. Rattled now. Gonna think on long and hard. Thanks Bum Bum Train. Shown me something quite telling. Sorry I didn't show you anything new.

TS out.

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