Doing the National TV Awards tonight. Not up for one oddly, but can tell you the most elegant thing on the program will be host/matey-off-the-telly's suit by our friends Thom Sweeney (click). It's a midnight blue mohair three piece with shawl collar and Thom Sweeney signature horseshoe waistcoat. That's right. Lanvin, they're coming for you..

Picked it up yesterday. Despite the three piece format, is actually so, so elegant as two. What will we wear? Fancy a flutter? Meanwhile, some of you might already be aware of their newest ambassadors. Yeah? There's Big Davey Gandy, Landesberg, Biffa, J.C., a few other bod's, and me. That's right. Am on the ambassadors board. Not sure what's going on with the Barnet/syrup mind, its slipped a trifle. Cue torrent of abuse... Don't give a monkeys what ya say about insiderism, these tailors have got it in spades. Savvy that is, not trifle.

Stubbs out (at the O2 for Pete's sake..)

PS. Do you like my French coat knobs? From the Fifties don-cha know.

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