Now thats is what I call file sharing. Well, brush sharing. Nice one Style Merchants 'SB' and Sean. Had no idea who does good brush. Now am spoilt for choice. Loz, the bit about the 'simple life' was just nerves manifesting as humbleness in face of swim. Did swim. Am back and am ready to consume. Having a good clothes brush is double important, so bring forth the brushes. So from Abbeyhorn, as suggested by Sean, have found this guy which am rather taken with (click) in horn and bristle. Handsome, no?

One can specify how dark one has ones horn. Nice touch. There's another version with an inlaid disc, (click), but quite like it simple. This is £45, plus a tenner if have something emblazoned upon it. Might go for the famous (on certain sites, building sites that is) ditty a bricky I used to work for used to sing while working. "Magic brush, magic brush, make my wall look straight and flush" he would go. Would have to go for magic brush, magic brush, make my suit neat and look like I haven't just woken up spattered Valpollicela and Bearnaise sauce again. Needs work perhaps. Moving on, Abbeyhorn does some smart little specialist brush like shaving (click) and beard based (click) for all you trendy jokers, all rather elegant.

Also keen on the tricolour wood version by Kent, suggested by SB, (click). Like the idea of a handle to wield the thing with, particularly when using on someone else. I do do that on occasion you see. The Abbeyhorn one could be a trifle equestrian in this situation. Maybe thats good too? A tough one.

Kents travel brush also interesting (click), as is the one specifically for cashmere underpants (click). Not sure which will go for as have this feeling that there will be some more grooming opinions about to come hurting down the wi fi. Am I right? Fuck me this is almost like A Suitable Wardrobe Dot Bore on here is getting so polite and civilised. Any one for Style Ref (click)?

Stubbs out.

PS. Apart from sorting the fibres out on your tailoring like no roller or dry cleaner could ever do, this what they might be useful for. Now go brush your shoulders off, you flakey jokers.

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