Am very much liking this film still. Using it as a motif on another site at the moment. Been wondering about wearing a hat too, so might actually research the matter, especially as fog is just so de rigueur. To channel some sort of Film Noir look and make it work would be the thing. Do fancy it, but it's only a certain fella who can get away with a hat with conviction, (e.g. Christos Tolera). The time to start doing it would definitely be the winter. Thinking a Fedora or a Homburg.

Then Friday night was stood  in a big herringbone belted overcoat, holding a friend's Trilby hat while at the bar, and a hairy faced middle-age bloke in a wide brimmed hat and a loose, shabby, old-fashioned style trench came over and said "I definitely know you.." in a sort of conspiratorial manner. Willy Rushton in was quite horrid. He definitely didn't know me, but did make me think, does wearing a hat immediately place you with all those hat idiots who think they're enigmatic and shadowy and possibly stylish, when they actually look like they run a second hand wooden shoe stall in Camden? It's a major concern.

'Madison' Fedora by Lock Hatters (click)

Maybe they're just something pleasurable to own and to muse about wearing? Can't imagine self at the 56 bus stop in one as it goes, unless the fog had really kicked in that night. Maybe they're best used for girls to borrow.

Homburg 'Supreme' also by Lock (click)

Naturally Dave does great hat, at various points, but none better than as Thomas Newton in The Man Who Fell. Note also Robe-Shouldering.

The Man Who Felt.

This Borsalino fella is pretty special too. Am gonna go down Locks and make a nuisance of myself I think. Thing is with so much of these classic trappings is they are wonderful things but can look too laboured, and/or can make you look like an old codger. I mean prematurely. These things look extraordinary on the young, but what do us Mid-Runners do? Tread carefully, I'd say. Ten years they add apparently. Ten years. Who the fuck can stomach a side-order decade?

Borsalino by Lock Hatters (click)

Stubbs gratefully out in the Clapton mist.

NB. Other hatters are available. For example Christies above (click)


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