That clothes brush I ordered arrived. I went with an Abbeyhorn option (click). Am rather thrilled with it. It's made from horn and natural bristles. Noticed one could have ones initials engraved. Why would you bother with that, I thought initially. Then I realised, why wouldn't you? Went with gold name in Times New Roman caps*. Handsome object, isn't it?

The brush has taken pride of place in new and very pert little Danish rosewood chest of drawers that lives underneath the large shoe cabinet I had built in my dressing room. It inhabits the bottom draw with my main shoehorn (metal), now looking woefully inadequate. Might update, also via Abbeyhorn, (click). The top draw is for 'current being read' literature. The middle is a space for future consideration.

The brush is a beautiful thing to handle. You specify how mottled, dark or light you want your horn. Its smacks of heirloom. All I need now is some kids.

"So who was Great Uncle Thomas mummy?"

"Oh, just some weird second cousin of your fathers who always wore a suit, even when he was in a wheel chair, with no arms, or legs. Very odd. He never did come out of that shoe closet either.."

Stubbs out.

*The D stands for Deangelo, should you be speculating.

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