Plan to start doing roughly one bit of watch commentary per fortnight. Nothing heavy, just style based kettle-fancying, you know. However, what worries me are the days when there's a watch post at the top of the queue. It might just look like a watch blog. See what I mean? I mean, this is not a watch blog, is it? Thank you John for that.  So, what I could do is put a bit of style coverage at the top of page as a buffer. For example, that idea about age of consent in reverse with certain leather jackets that am researching at the moment, that could bleed through a bit. I could stick one up like this, by say Superdry. And then suggest that its quite Ramones look that one, no? And probably not to be worn by the over 28s, right? A 'sell Nay date', (as in sell on Ebay). Hows is this going as not a watch blog?

Stubbs out.

PS. This has reminded me of John Lydon's style stance in general. This shot is like Peter Cook just before he joined The Small Faces, or something. That top lip. It's just built for sneers.

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