Going to see Dave launch his bodywear collection this afternoon. Matey off the telly is coming too. Should be a hoot. NB. Am talking Beckham, not Bowie on this occasion.

Spent the last two days writing in The Clapton, and thus been dropping 'Total Marl' myself, so this marl fest' seems most pertinent. Don't quite look like D.B. in my marl pants I have to admit. Total Marl includes jogger bottoms, tee shirt, marl shoulder sweat too, for those that were concerned. For those that are concerned what D.B. is gonna launch his pants off, I can't possibly say yet. Maybe the roof of H&M, who he is doing this whole David Beckham Bodywear caper with perhaps?

Thought might as well put a picture up of Dave in his pants. My Mum'll almost certainly say something like "Look! Well just look how handsome he is. Look!", won't you Ma? Well spotted in advance.

Didn't get to look like that eating Green&Blacks and pizza past 6pm, did ya David? I can't exactly tell, but is that a scene from They Died With Their Boots On he's got tattooed on his shoulder? Wow. Can't wait to ask him about it.

D.B.'s special team of designers have been at it for eighteen months on the R&D for this 9 piece collection of briefs, vests, boxers and long johns. Pared down and low key is the thrust of the styling, aiming to set a new standard for men's body wear for the 21st century, apparently. Shame we're setting new low standards on bodies here in Clapton I noticed tonight up the Turkish, despite the cold. Some people. Available from 2nd from 1,800 Hennes shops, isn't it?

TS out.

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