-Tie-bar faux pas and evening wear metallic over-adornment at NTA bash-

Firstly congratulations on award for outstanding achieving Mr. Barlow. Secondly nice look. I know your stylist, and can't usually fault the pair of you. Thirdly, two lots of collar/tie pin/clip accessorisation in the one look: Are you mad? Straight to red matey. No two ways. Had to caution someone* in Milan recently for same offence,  but he was in a Hotel bar, not national TV, so let him stay on. (Plus he's from down the M4 manor, so had to allow as both played for same club BITD, FC John Anthony). Anyway, back to the NTAs, Barlow was wearing a nice little evening suit, and I really like the collar bar style he was wearing too, neat and clipped, great shape. However, am certain the stylist had nothing to do with the tie bar getting stuck on further down. Classic afterthought-overkill. It's too, too big too. So, so 2004. Which is why the card is staying red. Re-tie bars: would everyone please get over Mad Men? So dull. So pedestrian. Meanwhile, collar pins teetered on the over-ground during the X-Factor as Olly Murs and even the contestants started wearing them, but double hardware is defo an early bath offence. Soz GB. Sure you don't read this, so should be okay next time we see each other, yeah?

Stubbs out.

*Clue. He's a buyer for Selfridges. All over the style blogs at mo'.

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