Couldn't help the headline, just wanted to read it. So regardless, next week, cunningly placed during Milan Men's fashion week, is The S.I.H.H*. The grande, off-the-hook, invite only, serious Geneva watch fair. Am gonna do a couple of days of Milan shows then get my annual airlift to the safety of Hotel De La Cigogne Hotel. An ancient and elegant gaff where smoking is still encouraged, sort of, while breakfast is of kippers, snuff and brandy. It has mystical back stairs for night sneaking, and an antiquated clockwork lift for up the front. Gotta love them Swiss guys..Enough about the hotel, wanna know about watches?

Got a top piece of wrist action in mind as a preview, the new IWC Big Pilot (see below), first thing to come out of the fair, but will be right back at you watch fans, after this short pause. Great image, no?

Stubbs out.

*S.I.H.H stands for Salon of Indecent Hiatus Hoxton Haters.

PS. Actually, its Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, but you knew that.

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