Once you find a jean thats really functioning, you stick with it, don't you? Loyally repeating them in outfits, and barely even washing them, as appears to be the current practice. Right? However its good to keep your eye on the jean scene for developments, particularly if you roll with some kind of hip denim-spotting crew. Regardless, newly re-launched Jean Machine (click) is defo worth looking at whatever your stance. Simple styling/narrow cut, an 'honest' looking approach to finish and back pocket proportion and with a stylish little label, which is whether we like to admit it or not, double important.

The brand's been launched again by the daughter of the fella who ran Jean Machine as a very successful shop down The Kings Road in The Seventies, we are told. Further testimony from said daughter portrays the man to be a maverick operator not only in the denim export world but that of parking fine avoidance/evasion. A practice I can only salute and admire. Meanwhile, I very much like 'Slim Raw' style, see picture and site (clicky). NB. That is not my arse below. There are other things on the site too.

They're correctly narrow, without being mental, but a fraction more relaxed down the bottom than a skinny. The thing about Skinnies is, once you're used to them, other jeans can look a bit 'waffeley' as we used to say at school in the Eighties. The denim used is quality Japanese or Italian and the washes are on the money. There are two other fit options. Straight, and relaxed. Perhaps should read Straight Runner and Slightly Old. Only kidding.

Stubbs out.

PS. You didn't think I was gonna not mention The Jean Genie? This footage from TOTPs '73 was lost and only recently recovered. Play that harp Dave baby...listen for Love Me Do.

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