I dont think you lot are madly fussed about how bang up to date information is, or are you? There is always Twitter for all that caper, isn't there. I'd rather sit back, digest stuff, then post it when we're all settled down, don't ya think? Back in Milan, after Brunello Cucinelli interview, I hit the ground stumbling. Soon recovered. Could regale you of this, but is a bit weird. Maybe a separate post called 'Decade Slide'? We'll see.


Having been assisted by the man early that day, Dolce poster boy, Big David Gandy wasn’t even modeling in the show. He was on the bench. Well, front row actually sat next to some utter sort. Poor Dave. Before the show, there were blokes along the side of the catwalk in white tie holding trays of saucers of champagne. On a style level they were one of the best bits. Do like overt masculinity of Dolce, so was hoping they’d play the rugged Sicilian peasant card. They played the opera card instead. Tailoring in dark, sombre, elegant style with a 19th Century accent. There were theatrical touches for the show, and it worked. La Traviata eventually made its way to the drinking song, which I’m guessing was link to the shampoo* presentation.  There were a few capes and quite alot of broccade, but I've edited most out.

Got head round this show. Its about a reserved elegance, using black and grey traditional clothes and blocks with a higher fastening. Some luxury in velvet or astrakhan touches or fancy bow ties, also with references to a subdued turn of the century, upper-class grandeur. It says if you're gonna dress up, do it in demure, low-key manner, I think. The stuff I've put up works for real men too, forget the brocade numbers I'd suggest. Look, there's Dave again..

Stubbs out, where's me cape?

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