There is a taxi strike in Milan. This makes things tricky for a freelance without a car/cause. Still, despite lack of cab-scabs in airport area, am making use of local knowledge and a map. That and Gandy-power. Spotted big David Gandy on the plane. The Baroness and I spied him in first, nabbed him before baggage reclaim and the super model shared his Dolce lift into town. What a gent. Nice on Dave.

The Baroness and Gandy (coincidently the title of my third novel)

Did the interview . It went well. The ink pen and parchment based note approach went well. Brunello Cucinelli is a special man #stylefact. He was charming, engaging and has a whole van load of challenging ideas about how to do things both style wise and on a working man level. His clothes are pretty good too. Will relay later when have moment.
 Meanwhile, thanks Christ for Burbs, as up and till that point was starting to loose the will to style. Finding shows either soporifically dull or completely ridiculous. Will name some names later, even if some are changed to protect the guilty.