Was looking for something horo-stylistic to herald the coming S.I.H.H thing and here it is. The Miramar is one of five new models in IWC's Big Pilot 'Top Gun' collection (click). They're pilots watches and they get their moniker from the popular Tom Cruise film of the same name. The film 'legend' has it the elite Top Gun pilots train in Miramar, California. Regardless of that rather flippant reference the new Chronograph version is very covetable indeed. The dark grey ceramic with metallic finish has a lot to do with this. It looks really smart, a chic change from black, and with the slightly dulled shine is particularly fanciable.

The smooth bezel shows this off nicely, and the case sits well on the webbing 'action' strap. Buff coloured markings are interesting and dramatic red central hour ring is another strong but subtle detail. Quite a big case still at 48 mm, but it is called a Big Pilot, not a Quite Big Pilot, so there. There's a flyback function, well handy for cooking complicated stuff while tinting your hair too. Its protected from magnetic fields. I hate it when I get naused up by magnet fields. Really hate it, which is why I wear the IWC Big Ingenieur Vintage (click) whenever I'm styling it up near any massive magnets. Maybe its the mood at the moment, but the non-flashy finish on this and the original sort of 1940's spirit and styling is dropping nicely. Smart work from zi boys at zi Schaffhausen.

Stubbs out.

PS. Just to get some perspective on things I just wanna recall this moment from the iconic film

"Iceman: You can be my wingman any time. Maverick: Bullshit! You can be mine."

Those outrageous pilot guys, what can they mean?

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