Saw the Bill Cunningham New York film last night. Blew me away. How brilliant? He's an irrefutable one-off. He also kicks those joke photo-blogging part time pillocks up and down the street. His photo columns for The New York Times "On The Street" (click) and "Evening Hours" (click) are a vaunted touchstone of documentary NYC style. Street style is taken to new lofted heights the way Bill sees it. He's immaculately painstaking and honest. He sees the stories then tells them straight. Love Bill.

Equally New York society is captured by him in a way which only a truly fashion savvy eye could clock. The film was also very touching. Only cried about five times. No one saw. Got too, too much on to cover this subject adequately now, but thought would mention. The films out 16th March. For now have the National T.V. awards tomorrow to consider, black tie and ting and ting. Then its the bleeding Baftas... You should see Bill's take on the NYC dinner circuit crew. Egalitarian and elegant at once. Special. Amongst the finery, the midnight blue mohair and the marcella, I've found myself dropping 'Total-Marl'. A look I doubt would register on Bills or any NYC Social X-ray's monitors. Probably perfect for Clapton just now.

Stubbs out.

PS. I'll Be Your Mirror features in ze film.  Alvays good, no. Austrian iz a good accent to adopt for today, jah?

P.P.S Bill is on bike no.29. The 28 previous ones have been stolen. Cant ya give the guy a break out there!

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