It's too, too hectic to post about the shows during the shows, so here's one I made on the way out here. Normal service will resume shortly-ish. Before left the Metropolis, was working/thinking about leathers, you know, and a bit of suede. Quite like this one from Hackett, below. I bought one just like that, second hand, in 1987 for £40. Its probably the best £40 I ever spent, except perhaps that special book on tree houses. Saw me through a whole load of style life. Had a quiff like Mozza's back then. A bit like James Dean's. (You're gonna love the last jackets on this post, trust me..)

This one's from Wrangler, below. Quite like also. What do you reckon the cut off age of these are? Older I reckon, at least 35, no? (You're gonna really like the last two. Really you are..)

Then there's the guy, from Bottega Veneta from Matches, below. Lovely. Molto spenny. (Oh, spare me...)

This grey mottled affair is from Topman, fashion forward champions on the high street. Nice innit? As for the model, you might well bite your lip you cheeky peroxide little tart. Look at those shorts! I know its properly cutting edge stuff, but still. Oh, wait a minute...

This guy's thoroughly indignant at having to wear trunks with a suede jacket with the sleeves pushed up. Maybe he's come as a Plongeur from some fancy exotic bar in Ibiza? Maybe. Bless. Still, like the jacket mate.

Stubbs out.

Not that sort of out. Mozza, tell 'em..

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