Morning style fans. Working on something rather interesting this week. Doing a style piece for The Telegraph on Pierre Arpels of Van Cleef & Arpels, centre of the three Arpels brothers seen here (click).

Apart from Pierre's moustache, all of their eyebrows, the generously endowed double breasted lapels with unusually low notches, what is very interesting about this shot is the contrastingly small ties and knots the Arpels brothers are running. Had to caution someone already this morning about skinny tie with a certain width of lapel, then these Arpels ruffians pitch up and tear the arse out of the whole theory. They are French mind. More of this scene later when have dealt with a pending style emergency. Have put full stylistic-stewards into action on who makes their gear.

Stubbs out.

NB. Note Pierre is wearing the elegant PA'49 watch. More of that in the week, but was my favouite watch presented in the whole of the Salon International de la Horridology Haute. Note also the woman in background using so called 'Flou-Tech' (Blur-Tech). A lesser know Parisian society method involving high frequency vibrations used to stay aloof and out of focus even when being shot on large format. If only that technology had not been sadly lost.

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