Better get these sods dealt with or there'll be some sort of backlash. Unlikely. Not sure can be bothered to get my cards out, anyway, Clooney: Call that a black tie? Well, yes I can see it is almost black, nice dimple too, but it's a straight. Straights just say, 'am not that bothered about your do'. It'sa look, buts it's not the right look. He looked okay but his trousers were two inches too long. No caution. Armani I believe.

Brad, that's Gucci, and I like it. To be fair these were the only two to get outerwear and black tie even nearly right. Maybe it's cause they're very aware of the British weather. Regardless, as you were men.

Jon Hamm looked dead strong in Hackett. Hackett dressed a few people and I think the whole plan worked. Broad peak lapel action on a bigger fella is often way forward, and I think that's a Jezza Hackett self tie tie. Hozah.

John Hurt was also dressed by Hackett and I'd be interested to know if the scarf was part of the look. I thought it was the look of the night myself. Trevor Brooking Junior wore a dress scarf too and one wonders if Jeremy put them on him, doesn't one? Anyway. Nice one John, you looked ace.

So bored of covering this now. It's my fault for dragging this out. Let's forget about it all, yes? By the way, I took all these photographs and it does'nt make a jot of difference to be there as they're all over the web the next day, see one I nicked below. Shan't bother again. Besides, everybody hates a tourist.

TS out.

Mr. Fiennes (can't spell Ralph) is wearing Timothy Everest. Think he looks double good in double breasted. Didn't see a lot of that gwaning. Midnight blue velvet with grosgrain lapels. What beer you drinking neighbour?

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