Visited nearby fashionable destination in waiting, Chatsworth Road E5, for brief lunch. Like it there. Far from 'happening' yet though. Pleasant yes, but not quite cutting it on stylistic stakes. The 'Thorough Trendies' don't fancy it yet, but then who fancies what they say or deem okay? Needs its own scene to develop. It will. The mix was there. Sun then cold. Foreign tourist banter and old locals slow swagger. Pillocks in tweed, pikies in Uggs. Bad dressing, worse styling. What more does one want? Another glass of white outside L'epicerie just in case some sort of suave should saunter past.

Not precisely sure what it needs. A buzzing pub or bar at least, I'd be inclined to say, (Chatsworth Kitchen RIP #fail). Perhaps that Lyall chap could devise some diversion worth haunting. Let's see.

My favourite look down Chatsworth was this fella. Overcoats are so, so important these days the 'competition' did not stand a chance, loafing in their tawdry toggle-less hell, (not even on the toggle tip out here). Ask an old fella what's going down, and they're double likely to show you something they already approve of. Who said camel had become a pain? It was me as it goes, but this one happens to have smashed it, black scarfed, checked flat cap.

Stubbs out.

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