Quick one. Just going Wigmore Hall for lunchtime concert, some Liszt and a touch of Rachmaninov, (yes that's how am rolling lunchtimes now). Which look to drop? Thinking of channelling Leisure-Toff with a Jazz-Agro twist. Which one best? Doing this is actually making me late. Thats another one of the addictions I mentioned. Do try and understand my situation.

Below is Paul Smith mainline green/fawn Glenn check, Prada shoe, choc' Smeadley.

Next is Kilgour No.5 (the Mighty K as it was under Carlo Brandelli) grey flannel with navy piping, with Emmett and Ferragamo blue lace up. Would throw in navy/blue tie FYI.

Or more from the Kilgour archive, No.8 line, the donegal mottled tweed (bang on the money right now) with Emmett and Mr.Hare.

Actually, am late now, so cant press a shirt. That might have a bearing.

Stubbs out on a 56...

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