Please can I be excused doing much writing today? Still fannying about decorating the walls that ripped old shelves from. Days it's taking. Odd to take so much care filling holes and then painting over them so nobody would even know were there. It's a metaphor for sure but don't know what for. Only know what a mess the shite Ikea shame left in its budget wake. Luckily found some of the blue paint left in the cellar to touch it up. Just about enough finish job and paint hair cornflower blue before going swimming. That showed them down the Lido. Apparently they'd not seen Performance. The heathens.

So, here's a picture of matey boy DiCaprio in the new The Great Gatsby. Like the suit a lot. Gotta say not mad on the vest he's wearing, seems at odds with suit. Collar and pin good. Tie not so good. Shoes not at all good. Maybe I should card him. That's be a laugh. Booking Jay Gatsby for bad dress sense. Wonder who's doing the clobber. Don't know. Should know, but am quite enjoying putting it out there with you lot these days. Or asking on The Twitter. Asked The Twitter, now asking you, see which medium delivers first. Meanwhile, my level's out and my drill's hand*.

Stubbs out.

*not a euphemism, but hard DIY fact.

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