Went down The Spencer Hart glamour vault (click) last week and interviewed their leader for FT HTSI. I've not interviewed someone more often than Nick Hart, even Ma' Stubbs. Am still learning stuff about his ethos. Its very, very clever what he's been doing for a over decade and it's coming together big style. Blow me if the whole arrangement down there isn't unique. The mix of style and bespoke and luxury product is amazing, actually. They've just dressed a crew of British actors for The Golden Globes. Am transcribing interview at the moment, so not gonna do the Style&Error post on the subject yet. Here's some quite badly shot pictures I snapped.

If you're expecting unbiased, level-headed opinion, forgeddit, as am massive fan, right? At the end of the interview I asked Hart what looks he'd make down there for Frank, for Miles and for Dave. He rattled off full outfits, with full specification, materials, mills, finishes, colours, cut, accessories, the lot for all three. Focused, balanced and clever. This bloke knows his world inside out and its subtle, potent workings. Will post outfit breakdowns up later if you're interested.

Speak to you on the other side of two more coffees and a chocolate éclat.

Stubbs out.

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