So was out down Bermondsey way yesterday visiting the Rake crew (click). They've got a show next week on mens day LFW, last slot. Despite all hands being on the catwalk as it were, they managed to fit me in for a suit fitting. Almost as excited about the show as am about the suit. Extremely that is. While in that manor ran into the girl who looks after Huntsman. For the press that is. We went to Pizarro (click) and got a trifle-side tracked. She filled me on in the collaboration with Alexander McQueen. Here are two of the images. Press release doesnt like my machine, so can't read any of it yet, but thought would run the looks past you. Pleasantly impudent peak lapel and equally attitude entrenched rope shoulder in a Glen-check. Not a bad show.

Its alot of wedge mind, £5, 000-ish for bespoke, but it is handsome looking stuff, no? It'd need to be. Need to find out some more before impart any particular opinion, but will. Lee McQueen used to work for Huntsman, years ago as a coat maker. I thought he worked and Anderson&Sheppard too. Will check and report back.

Generous bow tie, contrast grey satin lapels, black velvet smoking jacket, dress pants and a narrow silhouette, like it. Might have dropped at the Baftas. Just goes to show, sewing slogans and abuse into the linings of other people coats simultaneously gets you everywhere and nowhere. Fashion plus DIY, doesn't mix. Or does it? Keep it locked and find out in next post here on Style&Error.

Stubbs out.

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