Was plotted next to British Olympic and previously World Light Welterweight Champion boxer Amir Khan at Topmans LFW show. Eyes went straight to Khans wrist. Here's a juxtaposition you don't see every day. E.Tautz herringbone vs. an Audermars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore (click) fully loaded with diamonds teamed with a fist that partly won an Olympic medal, (the other fist was in comparatively subdued mood). The 25 year old from Bolton has been dubbed King Khan, but during a watch banter with him on the FROW, Amir expressed such avid enthusiasm for various pieces he already owns and for ones he fancies wearing, perhaps King Kettle might also function as a suitable moniker.

He'd just bought a Rolex Daytona, rose gold with black face. He also told me about his other 'sports' watch, his Hublot, and described his taste for Frank Muller as 'an old School' indulgence. Bless the young people. Someone said something disparaging on S&E about Khan's watch here on a taste level, but I really like the sheer up front flash-power watch-ness of it frankly. The Offshore is the more muscled younger brother of the original Royal Oak, the first non-precious metal sports watch. Ironic then that this formidable piece is actually completely covered in diamonds, yet still with handy chrono-function and so neatly teamed with diamond ring.

Front to back: Khan, Gandy, Morecombe.

Am gonna do something on King Khan's Kettles on our style page in The Telegraph Time supplement that comes out in May.

Stubbs out.

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