Just mentally limbering up to rip down some pony Ikea shelving and erect the Kai Kristiansen system in my front room. Its a leap into D.I.Y. hyperspace as things most tranquil in there right now. Why nause it all up, is my present sentiment. Cause its the way forward of course, but still am compelled instead to take pictures of the Lanvin (clink) cufflinks I bought yesterday. Black lacquer with a silver hare leaping across the mirror-like surface.

Or is it a rabbit? I don't know and have tried to find out. Good way of not getting my tools out, granted. Anyone? Am really sucked into the links. The hare/rabbit is leaping through the window, isn't it? Not sure when or with what am gonna wear. Not to do D.I.Y. that is certain. Meanwhile although got my drill thing on and my Stabila level on, might well have only got a tailors tape measure, not a steel affair that is more the thing. Not exactly site ready, dagnabbit/rabbit.

Stubbs in D.I.Y. action

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