So its men's day at LFW tomorrow, also known as 'travel-day' by many international buyers/editors as they head to the Milan Womenswear shows. This planning oversight is soon to be rectified by the official announcement of a proper 'men's fashion long-weekend' in June. Dylan* is gonna announce something critical at 2pm just before James Long show, and am almost sure it's that. Unless he's going to reveal himself as the mastermind behind the Green Peace protests on the National Portrait Gallery currently taking place. You decide how to bet.

Deciding what to wear is of course high on the to-do list tonight, slightly after scheduled experiments in new draw-lining techniques' (its crossed-over into decorating from all the wrapping been doing) . Am announcing that gonna rule out unequivocally what appears to be the current menswear must-have: toggles. They're everwhere. On street, in the look-books, on all the cropped duffle and ramblers jackets that the kids have gone berserk for. There will be no toggles about my person tomorrow. A suit is looking likely, but fear always wear the same bleeding two. Wait! Perhaps if I sewed toggles on to my three piece double breasted Anderson&Sheppard chalk-stripe in place of buttons it might be considered a clever fusion/update? Thats a lot of toggles. Quite a bit of string. Perhaps best not. Will keep ya posted.

Stubbs out.

*Jones, obviously.

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