Couple of things. The P.A. 49 isn't called that at all. It's called the Pierre Arpels from 1949. Typical. Not half as good I don't think, but there one goes. Meanwhile, turns out Balanchine and Farrell were having (and to quote my source) 'A hot affair'. To look at matey Balanchine you'd have been almost certain he was 'artistic' in the extreme. Seems was on his fourth wife when he met this sort. Love letters from Farrell also on the Telegraph website (click), as if to further exasperate my journo-hell. Ages 15/56 when they met. 41 year gap. Woah. As a blatant distraction from what might be construed as mistakes, and to continue the series of 'shiny black product of the week', I am offering up my latest shiny black equipment addition to the man-kitchen. The Ruark R2i (click) DAB Radio, clock and iPod Dock. Realise you stalwart abuse merchants will have a field day. Bring it. You will be amusing executive toys to me, as still double-d-lined doing actual work. It sounds far better than I possibly imagined. The resonance is properly mental, and from such a modest looking fella. It's a resonance renaissance. The kitchen is transformed. Can't believe listened to a piece of tat from the Esso garage all those years. Thing is though, might have gone for black shine just to stay on brand and to provoke my in-house trolls, and am wondering if walnut might have been right. Hm...walnut. What would Beckham do in this situation?

Stubbs out.

Of in house trolls, Balanchine & Farrell patiently wait to be seated in Whitechapels famous Tayyabs.

Live from the kitchen.
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