..to know one it would seem. I put my Lanvin leaping rodent question to The Twitter. The Twitter swiftly got back. Mr.Hare of Mr.Hare shoes (click) furnished me with his quick response, declaring the Lanvin motif is definitely a hare as is industrious and elegant. Then he said something rodentist about rabbits, which I won't repeat for fear of back-lash, the squirrels* get it bad enough on here as it. Meanwhile clocked a couple of his two-tones down at the Spencer Hart lux-vault last week. The two tone Fitzgeralds are just too, too loaded with night-intent.

Interesting they channel that savvy-but-leery attitude, rather like a co-respondent shoe. Co-respondents are so potent a statement they became synonymous with the third party (the co-respondent) in a sham divorce case. The lawyer would point to the natty dresser in the two-tones and suggest it was he who'd done the thing with the allegedly adulterous party. Everyone would look at the cad, his dress, his shoes, and think, yup, definitely guilty. Case dismissed. There's some great two-tone shoe semiotics at play in the film The Two Jakes (click), a murder drama which is centred around manipulated divorce evidence gone wrong. Watch China Town first, then this.

Meanwhile, these Fitzgeralds would turn most black tie-evening stances into something far most exciting. Do love Mr.Hare's shoes. Favourite are winter and evening versions, entrenched with attitude. Gonna write up some stuff from the Hart vault of night-chic this week, really I am.

Stubbs out.

Lanvin 1926

* Its always LFW when the squirrels rally. I have only two options left as spice-war failed (the birds also disappeared). Firearms or kidnapping are all thats left. Kidnapping the squirrels and taking them out to Lea Valley, yes. Just need to find a good squirrel trap.

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