..to Westfield Stratford as it goes. This shot's been on my desk-top for ages. Am going to the Strat-field hyper-station (click) later to buy him off the telly some thermals from Uniqlo so he doesn't freeze his nads off on the red carpet doing the Bafta's. Oh the sheer glamour of it all. I was wondering if I should wear black tie too? To Strat-field might be a bit much. Anyway, double breasted overcoat with a bit of marl underneath and some stubble. Who'd have thought it would be such a lasting look? Think I'll wear that again. Thanks for the reminder Mickey.

Asked JW (click) if he wanted to come. He's going to Sports Direct in Leyton, so no. Sounds like the pair of us are finally living the dream over here in East London.

Note to self: cancel berserk plastique surgery consultation had planned for Thursday.

Stubbs out L-T-D.

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