Not done a Style Stance for while. Well they're back, menswear fans. Men's day at LFW seemed ideal place to get going again. Mr.Rookwood is the Style Director of Men's Health magazine, so say anything mean and he'll send the boys round to laugh at your abs. Anyway, amongst the fashion pack natural coloured suiting, with texture, seemed to be looking the strongest to me yesterday. The surprisingly straight talking yet impactful three piece Mark Powell (click) caught ones eye immediately across the lenses in The MAN New Gen show. Like Dan's colour balance a great deal. Very Seventies. Very masculine. Tab and dimple collar and tie combo, man after my own etc.

Maybe Powelly's got a rep for being a trifle more costume/Toad Of Toad Hallesque* than he deserves. This is very nice bit of RTW. Gonna investigate more and report back. Do like to tie shirt and pocket square in myself too Daniel. Bit fed up of white shirts/squares everywhere so tonal ones become a necessity, can be tricky to source. Tautz, John Lewis, ebay are all good directions.

-Three piece fawn flannel suit by Mark Powell (click)

-Shirt with tab collar  by Mark Powell.

-Shoes are bespoke from ASOS made in England range (click)

-Chocolate brown Florentine tie, stylists own find.

-Polo Ralphy bins.

-Dunhill note book.

NB.Dunhill note books have 'buy more fags' already printed on every page. Style fact.

Mr.Rookwood has just furnished me with the link to his cufflink maker, Etsy (click)

Stubbs out.

*am teasing Mark.

Rookwood across runway
Rookwood across runway
Rookwood gets his beard on in FROW at MAN New Gen LFW