These days Big Dave G is more of a men's fashion presence at the shows that just a plain old super-model. Rather liked what he was wearing. Herringbone was the thing on LFW Men's day if you ask me. Wider pants jolly good to see in action, way forward for sure, but do note need a decent frame to carry them off. Talking of frames, DG stays on brand with DG bins, good fella, (see bus/bill board campaign for further reference). Gandy was mixing it up a trifle however with designer, vintage and high street, which one simply has to admire. Liked Dave's ensemble, but think on a lesser presence a thicker tie would have been perhaps in order. He's such a charmer though, eh. No one is to mention Count Von Count's appearance in remake of The Great Gatsby, okay?


-Vintage English herringbone jacket and vest

-Ralph Lauren herringbone wide pants

-Marks&Spencer camel overcoat (click) Think DGs is DB, but could only find SB. (one-breasted coat, ah ah ah..)

-Paul Smith toe cap can shoes

-Thomas Pink white shirt

-Peckham Rye, tie, obviously (click)

-Reiss pocket square

-Dolce&Gabbana bins, again, obvi'.

Stubbs out

Count Von Count
Count Von Count
From the FROW  "one underage skinny model, ah, ah, two underage skinny model.."