Recovering from fourteen hour D.I.Y. session. Finished at 12.30am, all successful,  the shelving system is up and looks brilliant. Couldn't got to bed especially with new vista in lounge admire. Thing is main emotion was actually, 'that desk/arm chair has got to go'. Stayed up, fannying about. Now running behind. LFW Men's day tomorrow. Booked father and son team Ross & Harry to shoot and film shows and other stuff for The Rake. This will be nothing if not colourful. My wrapping addiction however could not be functioning further from colourful. Its all about black with black and ochre tissue lining at the moment. Think can safely add to list of addictions. Will confess some more later, but for now, wrapping using (almost) no tape is sacred stylistic way forward, I believe. It's a delight when you get the thing right (click).

The flat thing is vintage Hermes scarf from 1970 for Ma's birthday. The small items are NARS eye make up for The Literary Stripper.There's something about going into the zone to find a truth in the purity of wrapping that's causing me to become obsessed by it. Its about the ribbon actually holding the thing together, not just decoration. Its another thing to add to the list of no-compromise obsessive addictions. Great. Sill the girls like it.

Its gonna be a two post day I can feel it, so all of you S&E addicts out there, hold tight, till then, here's the Sugar Hill Gang.

Stubbs is heading to The Metropolis.

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