Pure product frenzy this week, professional shopping and press days all round, innit. How do you feel about just looking at product? Did I ever mention I love C.P.Company? Don't know if I did. I do. Look at this fella. Sheepskin, suede and padded sleeves. Who'd have thought it.

Good colour, no? Then there was Mr.Hare (click-mans). He's embracing colour. Could have put a dozen Dr.Hare shots up, am right into his new collection/last, all named after Soho reprobates/creatives. These two are Hare classics, Miller and Genet however in new colours. Digging the new colours big time, covet the Genets particularly, but the new 'Rico' style is of note.


Mr. Genet



Sorry got stuck in a shoe posting vortex then. The new collection shoes are called Wilde (Oscar), Cooke (Peter), Freud (Clement), Bernard (Cribins), and Deakin (Joey). The buckle shoe about is named after Francis the painter, but the last is called Rico, after (queue Mr Hare quote) .."After the legendary RICO Rodriguez. Trombonist for Prince Buster and The Specials. The true sound of Soho." Thanks Marc. Take it away fellas..

Thank you The Specials AKA. That's a shoe entrenched with some attitude. Simmering back down. Saw some really good bags from Brookes, the bicycle saddle makers. The PR, Joseph, very enthusiastically demonstrated the many ways they worked. For a moment it was like The KVC road show had visited Soho.

Will put a link up to Brooks or look at the disc or something, but dead, dead good am telling you, the bags are good. Lastly, from the Hardy Amies AW12 collection fav bit was mad shawn sheerling coat. Its so, so Bryan McMahon, the stylist who does the shows. He's clearly having a big influence. Interesting that though, no? He wears a hat, a trifle Allen out of Flannagan & Allen too, never a bad thing.

Statement constructed outer wear is a thing for the winter. Trust. Ask these two stylish dossers, see below. Intro a bit long but worth it, more nice brass too. Its too, too hot for coats right now. Its too hot to be in. Am out. There's loads more prodage from the week. If you want more product, let me know. I'm all over it.

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis.

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