The bookies on the side of the track have the best outer-wear in the whole gaff. Style fact. This one was doing leather smother featuring toggle/duffles. A juxtaposition you don't see frequently. Must proper deconstruct the toggle trend when have half a mo'. Must and will. Meanwhile the bookies at Romford were the most interesting thing. I can barely work out a quarter of what they're going on about. The rest is pure bookie.

This one said "Don't be slow - '99' to comeback.." or something, as I placed my 9/2 £10 on the six dog 'Isit Possible'. In amongst all the other stuff coming out of his mouth, wasn't sure it was even aimed at me, let alone what he meant. When it won, he said, "told ya to be quick, I wanna catch the draw after this", meaning the football. He knew Isit Possible was gonna win. I'd read a bit of the form (ahem, sort of) and watched the betting change just before the race, as is the practice, but I think the name Isit swung it. Izit?

TS out.

A brief lull in the rinsing.
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