One problem with taking your deadlines on holiday with you is that you might have to walk through scenes like this to get an early morning coffee needed for correct writing metabolism, making concentration all the harder. Distraction is something am a willing victim to I have to concede.

Just gonna run through a few pros and cons of the last twenty-four hours by means of massive procrastination, as if taking photos and posting them wasnt enough.

Missed own FT How To Spend It piece over the weekend by travelling, being an idiot and being on motorway #fail

The Merc S350 CDi is a proper stealth speed and stability monger on the motorway, the Madre didnt even spot was touch 105mph on occasion. Nice.

Sunday Times Style leather jacket piece edit more depressing/shoddy that could have imagined. Why so little imagination on my part?

No.1 pastry/coffee haunt in St.Ives is being refurbished #coping.

Its double-lovely here in St.Ives, as ever,  for assembled family.

The Merc is a mean bastard mother of a ride which I might take on the beach later to unwind #amjokingBaronessMingay

The Sloop still does fish pie.

Stubbs out.

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