Am on the Louis Vuitton barge on the Rhine. Its barge luxury. Years ago when we journos did the Basel watch fair in Switzerland, we were supposed to live on prison-like barges, as all the hotels would get booked out by Nazi-war criminals and Watch brand CEOs. It was journo-prison but with no excitement. I escaped and lived semi-ferrel with hippy nerds whom I can't even remember how I met. Its true. See the Basel Big Bang post. This year, its all different. Don't look much from the outside, but this is Louis Vuitton world. Bracing self.

The Rhine is flying by outside my cabin windows like a conveyer belt. Barges go past and under the bridge. There is wine on the Rhine in the 'free area'. No food though. Dinner at nine. Gotta get ready, so not gonna bang on at length.

Did I mention I nearly missed flight (vomits wine down self in self hate)? Oh. I did. First class British Airways. Thank Christ for mad, odd incident that went down. Really weird. Will tell ya, but not now. Wanna look up my stairwell? NB. Not a local euphemism for horologic sex.

Special lodgings, no? Might not get chance to do much tomorrow on here, so talk amongst yourselves perhaps. Did ya see The Daily Telegraph yesterday? Whole style page all to myself. Nice. Shame illustrated bi-line picture resembled 65 year old burns victim. Could be worse. Could be 65. Have I ever told you about my burns?

Stubbs out.

PS. Christ. Forgot, yeah, watch fair Basel Switzerland. Watches, watch people and all that. Brace selves. Might sneak a couple of horologic Style Stances out. Know you love those. LV looking set do up the ante with their offerings from what manage to see already. Am talking sportif..