Three euphoric morning runs along the river are my most resonant memory of The Basel Watch Dash this year I concede. Fully-blown-ecstatic stuff as sunshine* and i-pod conspired to create exhilarating moments. Love a good run. Love a good pun too.

The view from the bank of The Rhine in Basel.

Also love a good watch, obviously, but madly fanciable ones weren't exactly in abundance. After each sprint back across the Mittlere Brücke to where my barge was docked, the serious subject of watch significance became number one on my agenda, aproximately speaking. That said, there's far more pieces than gonna put up today, but want to offer the odd avid kettle-head in the congregation a fix. Here we go, again..

Patek showed me new Nautilus style with a white dial. I prefer the simple date version, but the Annual Calendar (5726/A1) was the only one that photo looked okay. Purists aren't gonna approve of the white version as the steely blue is the classic. I really like the way the battons and hands now edged in black oxidised gold stand out so graphically. This is a graphically brilliant watch anyway, and the update just sheds new light on its stylishness, right. This Nautilus is £17.9k FYI.

From sea to sky, where at Zenith, all the chatting was about the Pilot watches they're doing. They patented the name 'pilots watch', and no one else is allowed to put that on their watches, so there. The Pilot Big Date Special is above, which houses Zenith famous El Premiero movement. Its a really good watch technically and on the visuals. Have to say the Milanese mesh strap makes all the difference, feels great on. Like way there is buckle too, even though in metal.

More Zenith style, as they release kettles operating within my favourite new watch style trend, 'Grey-Face', is the Captains Central Second Fumé, a watch ideal for smoking quite large cigars on the deck of ones barge, right. Digging the batons again, V.Fifties. Maybe its the year of the style baton?

Glashütte Original, the East German style merchants who developed their handwriting from behind ze iron curtain, have always used a dark graphite grey face on some of their most distinctive pieces. Above is the Panomatic Luna, with moon phase and big date. Love Glashütte styling, really cool and masculine.

At the other end of my taste spectrum, was v.keen on Bulgari's new version of their brilliant named'Bulgari Bulgari', a classic of theirs. This time, it's got a massive power reserve as a big feature of its design and I think that's super. Not for everybody, but there's something really chic about the lines and the style to me, unapologetically luxe, and I have to say flash. Without flash in the house, just wear would low-key live, hm?

More low-key,  and also using power reserve indicator as a feature, the new version of Omega's 'De Ville' is utterly charming, oui? Double good watch for £2,2,10 or £2,920 depending on strap or bracelet. Sans serif Roman numerals again eh? Cropping up in my recent editorial more and more. Talking of which, did anyone read The Daily Telegraph watch supplement on Tuesday? Had the big old thing on Pierre Arpels and his 49 as main story on my page. No? Shame. Black mark for the S&E kettles-heads from me in that case.

On the subject of read/red & black, back on the barge, Louis Vuitton were presenting their new collection. Will write more about the others, but to me, most striking were the rubber coated cased black regatta and dive watches. The Tambour Diving II is stealthy looking case juxtaposed with vivid graphics, utilising the red/white flag ships fly when divers are underneath as part of its design. The Tambour shape lends itself well to diving style.

The Regatta timer has the five minute warning facility as part of function for when all the yachts get themselves into position for the race. The upper white indicators begin to turn blue in lead up to race start. One of these two is quartz, but I forgot which. High visibility is key when one is attempting to juggle yacht position with time keeping, I would imagine. This almost raspberry red and white display would function well, even if one was attempting a start in foggy conditions. Do they do yacht racing on the Tyne still, or has that been abolished? Perhaps thats what Lindisfarne were singing about. Please see video below for reference.

Stubbs out.

*I dont jog either for the record, I run, but wouldn't have been able to get the double pun in the title. Which would be a massive shame, no? Take it away Lindisfarne.

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