Fancy some runway report from the LFweek-before-last? Come on, if you wanted it 'as it happened' you'd have been on Style.Com, wouldn't you? There's an actual video interview of Patrick Grant down the bottom should you need more enticement.


Lou Dalton's WWII military (Allied forces, no black leather Nazi's here) inspired show was good. Her men's stuff is getting better, unlike my seat allocation. Was put in a third row on my own. The row of shame for late application it would seem. Reminded me of certain lessons at school, so I can take it. At least no one got to look at 'thinning' patch. The hats in show would also work as solution.

Suiting thats not remotely work-a-day, of soft construct and in khaki, navy or airforce blue was the tailoring story. Think might be 'a relaxed thing' emerging, as saw more elsewhere. Airforce blue and russet Harris tweed bikers dead good too, although not certain it referenced "Mid 20th century social awakening as the taboos of class, race and sexual orientation became increasingly accepted" as much as the designer might imagine.

True I think its key to know exactly which barriers your fabric select are breaking down as you bowl down the street. I never leave the house without whittling away at some taboo or other, frequently based around car-parking/swimming trunk-style. Nice stuff though, no?


The E.Tautz show was at the Masonic lodge on Great Queens Street. Felt awfully grand. Hope we can lay on plenty of this sort of splendour when we do our mens week in June, the foreigners will bloody lap it up. They'd also dig a spot of Tautz Director Paddy Grant. His confident bi-annual pre-show address like a cross between David Niven and Kenny Everett is worth the entrance fee alone. He explains which areas of Whitehall/Belgravia et al he's been circling on his bicycle this season, metaphorically speaking.

Grant demonstrates Horse Guard Acid Jacking from back in the day.

This winter he's been looking at Household Cavalry coats. The Colour might look a bit stark initially, but it grows on you. Suiting was straight Tautz Brit-action, but the coats pushed the overcoat-envelope in a good way.

Things did get livelier colour wise, but as mentioned earlier, next Autumn is all about a stern, dark overcoat statement, if you're into that sort of thing. This is the Tautz version. I interviewed Mr.Grant post show for The Rake magazine. Sure they wont mind me sticking it on here, (do you Esther?)

Trying to find a link to the show video, but until then must explain the show's vigorous and aggressive music, by Mr.Hudson, included Victoria by The Fall (click). Those that know their music will immediately spot that I am talking complete rubbish when I say that it was written by Brix Smith. It was written by Ray Davies out of The Kinks (click). Obviously I hate myself for this. I was over excited and someone said it to me years ago. The thought just muscled its way through the crowd and bust out of my mouth. Shite. Anyway. Like Tautz show a lot.

Stubbs out.

Candidates for Mr.Snufkin 2012, final walk through.

Note original Snufkin below with Little My on hat brim.