Loads of plans to do loads of stuff in and out of head while away. Hash tag fail. Still writing this massive magazine tome on greyhounds. Could not tell you why any more. Really angry with self and is a shame. Not gonna bang on a moment longer, but am gonna put up a half thought that I hoped to develop. Is this man the most stylistically influential force at LFW Men's day? Well is he?

William Gilchrist,  Lord Languid of Regents Park area, and stylist of two main shows from mens day that not even reviewed on here yet. Juxtaposing camouflage outter-wear, unstructured tailoring and big millenary is so, so William. Oh, and he's done the second longest Style Stance on here last summer too. Hash tag fact. He's a perfect distraction for you lot why I fanny about.

Am gonna leave there it I think. Oh what a terrible hash-tag I've made of St.Ives...

TS out.

PS. From yesterdays slang test, it's wagon-shunters, punters.

PPS. Its raining in St.Ives.

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