Went up The North yesterday to look at greyhounds and their friends. Now am inspired to produce a weekend Luggage & Jewellery special. It's not got quite the same feel as the ones that come out with the weekend papers, but let's give it a go.

Hated the blokes in first class on train. Complete business wankers. What a breed: Their banter, their dress, their kit and their pony little agendas. Hate them. Followed them off at Euston and they all got their ridiculous sholley/wheelies out, quite proudly, then wheeled up the ramp and off into their tawdriness.

I suppose business-sholleys make sense but I don't care, they're vile. They're so very The Apprentice. The way people wheel them nonchalantly along, but what they're really thinking is, "I'm right on the money with this fucking black nylon mesh wheelie-fuck-wit contraption". They do. They really do. They all think they're on The fucking Apprentice. I'm a holdall guy. This doesn't help the situation, but I don't care. This one is from Two Thirds (can't find link). It's good though, no? Not right for business, agreed.

Then there's this bloke Mike Barber who I met. He doesn't use a business-sholley, trust me. He's in the greyhound training business. This dog, 'Boxy', is going to race in tonight's hurdles at Belle Vue dog track up near Manchester. I interviewed Mike. Very interesting it was too. Liked his no-nonsense approach.

And here's a detail shot of Mike's jewellery. Told you it was a different approach to luggage and jewellery editorial. How's it working?

This ring is by my jeweller Toby McLellan (click).

Right, now going down Ridley Road market.

TS out.