Morning style mentalists. Cant get hold of enough Basel spare time to comment much, probably a relief to many, but do want show a couple of highlights thus far from Zi Basel-Vorld watch frenzy.

This is a new Rolex, The Sky Dweller. Quite off the hook it is. The fluted bezel does all kinds of stuff. Will explain when not late for pending engagements, but it's really good though, especially if a Roley fan. I like the way the bezel is steeper than normal. Daft of me, but I do.

Was also very struck by Faberge's launch. The watches were elegant and interesting, but the cuff-links were amazing. About £8k a pair, mother of pearl, diamonds, turquoise, that sort of stuff.

Keep loosing the wi fi, so gonna give it a rest and go to 'work', but these are amazing, non?

Boys-own watch of the show thus far is Heuer Carrera special vintage affair to celebrate Jack's birthday. Considerably more exciting than a silly old cake, oui?

Stubbs out.