This fella has been running things in St.Ives since Pontius was a pilot. When I say things, he sells the tickets for boat trips to Seal Island. Before that he was the pot man at the Sloop. Before that a fisherman. He's been here forever and he's been wearing that red knitted hat from the get go. Wonder if he knows how popular they are in East London these days. Have to be quick to catch him out and about now he's got a mobility trolley. Perhaps I'll try and get a better shot of him.

Spoke to a bookie yesterday who shed new light on the story am writing. Can't tell ya too, too much at the mo', but am still fannying about on deadline, as ever. Might extract a couple of quotes for a bit of fun though. Gary Wilshire was colourful as you'd hope for a bookie of 40 years. Learned some new rhyming slang, always a good thing. That's two in as many weeks. Gary taught me 'Wagons'. Will tell ya the other bit tomorrow, unless any of you fancy a guess. JW came up with 'Oliver' last week, for wrist. Good for watch banter, no?

Anyway, fancy a bit more toggle action? Its from B-Store/Gloverall as well. This look is called St.Ives Mod on way home from his job on the cheese counter at Waitrose. I think its strong. Cheese that is.

Stubbs out.

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