Never underestimate the importance of superior car coat or low-key luxury anorak affair. Ever. This one might look like nothing special but it is. In sinister black performance nylon-polymide, with neatly leather trimmed cuffs, an inner fur collar lining and additional hood facility. Looks like the Russian equivalent of Fay (click) or Brioni perhaps.

Perfect for a mid-evening address to the people in the freezing cold. Perfect for showing resilience in possibly hostile conditions. That's why I wore the CP Company cinched anorak up North to Preston and Southport on Friday. Not a peep out of anyone in a nice lux-anorak, oh no. Even the assembled protestors outside the Kremlin will think twice before they chant their cheeky slogans. Steady comrades. Steady.

The option below is from CP Company's (click) coming AW 12/13 collection FYI. All important cinch-facility not deployed. Typical.

TS out.

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