Feeling super-fine, but teeter on double-deadline, so cant write much this morning. Can only offer up a couple of visual notes from zi Basel. Been writing LFW up for The Rake, see, and pondering over a couple of other pieces. Been reading a lot of press releases. What year did the word iconic get made a compulsory element to all style/fashion press releases?

This is a Faberge egg. Iconic and free range.

This contraption belongs to Ken Kessler, the iconic watch and Hi-Fi commentator. It's his answer the press release overload issue that threatens elegance all over the Basel. I refuse all but a USB stick format to fit into my iconic clutch-case. Wonder if it could be the antidote to wheelie bags? A pal and I were discussing the idea of carrying a set of old fashioned porters wheels through airports with you. Turns out Ken's half way there. Quite like the plan.

Thats it for now, am really quite distracted, except the Bulgari's corporate stance once inside the palace that is their Basel HQ. This is the British press desk. Rather liked. Ironic or iconic?

Talking of British, this is me and the English brothers from Bremont, Giles and Nick. English-Stubbs-English. This is getting rather silly/iconic now. Think have got press release induced psychosis.

TS out.

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