Those of you who read Style&Error will know that I can't spell, and sometimes can't tell certain words apart. For a writer this can be quite bad. However in this case I meant to use the wrong word and hopefully come up with significant double meaning while writing copy. In fact, that might be what I always do. One of my top three houses at the Basel Kettle Fest (BKF) this year was Roley. Today we're doing the new Rolex Day-Date. Nice, no?

Ruby baguettes at Six and Nine O'Clock, eight diamonds as hour markers in 18ct Everose gold. Austerity? Take a walk. Forgot how much it is, but about £20k I think. Yes Mr.President, there's ice in our residence. Might check price, but Rolex can be a bit funny sometimes though. Anyway, here's a styling thing. When Rolex photograph their watches they're always set at eleven minutes past ten and 31/32 second on the 28th of the month. And Monday. Significant. Am doing my Basel postcard for QP, so thought would regale you off this serious chap. That's it for now. Am off to St.Ives with the Madre in the Merc I just borrowed of The Baroness Mingay. No one tell her been writing about Rolex and Mercedes in the same post, she'd flip. So the Merc's a black 350 S and is rather smart I think. JW called it a people carrier. Some people.


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