Famous saddle-merchants (not euphemism) Brooks (click) did some bags that I mentioned. Said would find more images. Tried. They do clothes as well. Not mad keen on clobber that has overwhelming cycling utilities, like an arse flap that hangs about even when you not on your bike, or special reflective trims under collar. If it's pure cycling gear then fine, cycle in it. Mind you nearly all cyclists look bad/the same, it's one of the flouro-negatives about being a serious London cyclist. Cross over caper is over-rated too. I mean, you don't live on the bike, do you? So what happens when not on it? Meanwhile, while poking about on said Brooks disc, found the Criterion MK1 jacket. Actually dead nice, as well as being cycle-friendly and in Ventile water proof cotton. Back to the bags, reader JC (claims not Clarkson) said thought bag looks like parachute harness. It does in that configuration, but that's just one of about 10. There's a handful of good bags, particularly for the cyclists among you, sort of battered and not pony, but still good quality and not faux-vintage as far as I could see. Blokes are always asking about this, and I usually suggest Barbour. Try these. They're also doing smart satchel type bags, The Eton, that has a removable harness. The ivory coloured one is quite spesh I thought, not for me, but good though. Wouldnt wanna fall off with that on though. Woeful scuffing would occur.

Eton mess

Am looking for a new style bike. Riding a 'sit up and begging for it' massive Pashley Sovereign through Clapton is tantamount to peddling a penny-farthing through Compton shouting "who's coming down the Farmer's Market for some Chorizo, home-boys?". I want a simple multi-gear racer, not flash, not too too plain either. Let ya know if one appears.

More satchel and holdall action has gone down over last few days. Might regale. Might not. Depends how satchel-mouthed am feeling.

Stubbs out.

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