In case you were feeling had all gone greyhounds and geezers this week, here's a couple of bits I got from the E.Tautz sample sale. Their logo is a fox by contrast (clock). Went in for pocket squares for matey off the telly, came out with these for self. This is a herringbone cashmere scarf. Roll on winter.

This is a knitted hat. I believe its almost an 'Hoxton Bonnet'. Almost a raspberry beret. Not sure what to do with it, but shot one a year ago and know how nice it is to have, not so sure about wearing it. All Tautz stuff feels very Brit-lux and calm. Its their fabrication dont you know.

And then there's this guy. Not easiest to deploy, but too nice to leave behind. Too too bright for the goggle-box though am guessing. Shame.

Stubbs out, doing stuff.

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