This week am preparing to post the final instalment of LFW Men's day. See LFW parts I (click) and II (click). Am aware it was almost a month ago, but we've been through this before. If you wanted style as it happened you'd be on, right? Taking the Madre to St.Ives in the morning then will be broadcasting live from there, in a way. More fashion writing, less fish-mongering this time one hopes (click). Meanwhile leaving Harold Tillman CBE, chairman of the British Fashion Council, on guard over proceedings. Big Harold is watching you, even in Cornwall.

Been leant another sinister black Mercedes by the Baroness to drive down in. After the S500 AMG last time wanted something smaller and less incongruous. Think the S350 estate thing might well be bigger still dagnabbit. Fearsome looking thing it is though. Mum has already cast aspersions about whether will be able to 'get it round that blessed corner' near the Island car park. No one has any faith anymore. Shall shoot and post later.

Stubbs out.

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