Been writing something for Man About Town magazine while down here in Cornwall. Got a bit bored of the apartment so went down and sat outside The Sloop for a drink with my lap top. Wore massive mottled, sort of herringbone angora cardy from Nicole Farhi that had for donkey years, skinny black Acne Jeans, maroon suede Gucci snaffle loafers, black Persols. Thought quite a laid back 'Velvet Underground on a residential ceramics course' sort of look, right for St.Ives, nothing too, too startling. It dropped well down The Chatsworth Road market the other day, and they're a scruffy bunch.

A bunch of quite drunk, quite rowdy Mancs were also plotted outside. One began plain sporadic jeering, others laughing a bit. Fair enough, lap top use solicits abuse in boozers. Allowed. Another Manc, a woman in fact,  kept shouting out, "look he's blogging about us, he's blogging everything we've said!". Although wasn't riveting banter, now I sort of have.

Then she came over and sat with me, looked at my screen, some transcriptions of greyhound trainers that were in staccato sentence form, and announced quite loudly that I was a poet. A poet. Was that the look? A St. Ives poet. Christ. Better have a re-think, if only about location for writing/thinking/drinking with lappers out. I bet Barbara Hepworth never had to deal with this sort of thing. Maybe should consider spin off title Man About Fishing-Village, and make it all about rustic/art cross-over garb.

Meanwhile think St. Ives is the right place to launch the toggle/duffle debate in earnest later in the week. Am opening the bidding with this guy from the B-Store by Gloveral collection for SS2012, a zenith of toggle activity.

It's a pea coat with toggles on it. 2012 will be remembered as the year of the toggle in trendy circles. Toggles say outdoor, wholesome folk-guy. Back to simple, more austere, less mechanised values, all in fumble friendly fastening form.  The big question is, are you a toggle guy? This fella so, so is.

Stubbs out.

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