Team Great Britain's kit was unveiled last week, designed by Stella McCartney. Why have we got Adidas kit? Not nice gear particularly to be frank and thoroughly German. I love a German, as my friends will testify, but this is technically (sports) war, in which case.. Regardless, everyone's had a go about the kit not having enough red going on. Thought about it, and have to agree am afraid.

That said, looking back at videos of our old kits (click), there wasn't much red in those, so lets not savage the frowning, earnest Macca-girl. However, sports psychologists do strongly assert that wearing red makes sports people perform better, and simultaneously unnerves opponents. Did no-one mention that to her? Shame, she could have done something really mental, really 'in your face' red. Might have been brilliant. What she's done is a 'fashion' version of sports design. Almost a feminised, tonal look.  This is a battle, needs solidity. Ask the Romans about red. Most of the athletes are from England, Northern Ireland is red too, and Wales do red, so whats wrong with an agro-angry block red-fest. The colour of battle. The colour of blood. The shade of red she chose was good, just not enough. Is it too, too late for a redesign?

Dont mind the Union Flag getting used as motif, but best for the trackies. Love a belted item of outwear, but on a girl though. Christ, they look like helpers at the W.I. on a wet day bring-and-buy sale in that look. Love a red sock, well done. Other than that, its just not imposing enough. Hash tag polite.

Right into what Jessica Ennis wears though. Those pants are brilliant. Imagine them in red, with white and blue trim. Its also good to see that dwarf-throwing* is finally getting recognised as an olympic sport.

East London yesterday was a good for running in one layer again. Banged out a moderately quick 15k for a fix for the day. I favour all navy and all black looks, but occasionally turquoise with blue and red trim drops. Fair people have to watch the red quotient, especially when flat out. Philips Idowu looks pretty capable here in action, but an all red top would have upped the ante no end. Ran into my pal Charlie Darke in the park. He was running in all black with flouro green trim. Worked nicely, but it was just Sunday morning though. He runs a culturally motivated running club, the Run Dem Crew (click).

Gonna write and ask Olympic board if its too late for a re-jig of the kit. More red, more solids, more Jimmy Savile. Cant hurt, can it? Might also ask if they might do Ennis-style red-briefs for male runners. Could be just the thing for London Fields come high some. Less is after-all more in some instances.

Stubbs out.

* Checked with dwarf friend, and is okay to say this.

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